CA voters strongly support Gov's proposal to expand EITC and close tax loopholes for corporations and the wealthy

Economic Security Project commissioned a California poll June 5-7, 2019 from David Binder Research on the Governor’s proposal to close tax loopholes on corporations and the very wealthy, using the money to pay for expanding the EITC to put money back in working people‘s pockets. The survey finds strong backing for the proposal:

1. California voters strongly support proposal to expand the EITC and limit tax deductions for wealthy people and businesses. With very neutral information, 63% support the overall proposal (24% opposed), with majority support for every element of the proposal.

2. Supporters' argument is MUCH stronger (66% find convincing) than opponents’ argument (42% convincing). The supporter argument:

"Supporters say that it will close tax loopholes for millionaires and large corporations and use the money to provide a tax break for working and middle class families, to help keep up with the cost of living. No families earning less than $500,000 will pay any new taxes. Corporations in California pay less of their profits in taxes than they did in the 1980s – these changes will make sure they pay their share."

3. After full back and forth, support rises to 70%, with opposition under 1 in 4. Support is strong across all regions of the state--above 65% everywhere at the end of the survey.

Read the topline results here (with memo).

This survey was part of ESP’s extensive research into public attitudes around taxes, where we continue to explore asking the wealthy and corporations to pay their fair share and putting money in working people’s pockets through a modernized Earned Income Tax Credit.