With voters concerned about the rising cost of living and about making the tax code more fair, the Cost-of-Living Refund receives broad support.

The Cost-of-Living Refund emerged from more than a year of public opinion research, policy analysis, and legal vetting by key stakeholders and experts. David Binder Research conducted ten focus groups and multiple national and state-level polls, many in partnership with state firms.

We know that the idea is popular: 69 support/23 oppose nationally, 72/22 in Colorado, 69/19 in California. The majority support runs across parties: 76 Democrats/60 Republicans/67 Independents (Nat’l), 88 Dem/59 Rep/69 Ind(CO), 79 Dem/52 Rep/63 Ind (CA).

As voters have responded favorably to the overall idea of the Cost-of-Living Refund, as well as specific modernizations to the EITC such as expanding the definition of work, clear messaging will continue to garner broad support for the policy.

Messaging Resources and Polling