57% of Americans don’t have enough cash on hand to cover a $500 unforeseen expense. A Cost-of-Living Refund (also called a Working Families Tax Credit) puts more money back in the pockets of the working and middle class people who need it most:

  1. Helps working people face the rising cost of living and housing, with a leg up out of poverty or a cushion of financial stability.

  2. Fights rising inequality that threatens our democracy.

  3. Makes taxes fairer, so the wealthiest pay their fair share.

  4. Builds on a high minimum wage, so workers earn enough to live.

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Cash gives people the tools to solve their own problems

"As someone who doesn't currently qualify for the EITC, this tax credit would be really helpful. Personally, I would use the extra $1,000 a year to start an emergency fund, and to help my kids pay for college. Approving this means many families will be able to access a better life, and invest in their businesses and their family."

-Dalila, Colorado

“The rich are getting richer while everyone else is stuck.”

- Alabama voter

"I am proud to be a student and first-generation child of a Guatemalan refugee. My educational aspirations serve as a lifeline for my family and will play an essential role in bringing them out of poverty. With this proposal, I can expect a tax credit that I'll put toward important graduate school costs that will not fall on my family, as I don’t want to be a burden on them – but rather a source of support – in difficult economic times."

-Robert, Colorado

“I’m doing ok today, but I’m one emergency away from financial ruin.”

- Arizona voter

“Anyone asking whether a $100 a month credit is enough to matter has never had to choose between groceries and rent.”

- Ohio voter