New poll: Tax credits for workers vs more tax cuts

We wanted to test our hypothesis that putting money back in working and middle class people's pockets would be a powerful message in opposition to more tax cuts benefiting the wealthy and corporations. (Though there has been conflicting reporting, Ways & Means chair Brady said today he'd start moving legislation next week.)

We did a 1000-sample national poll last week testing a known effective message opposing tax cuts 2.0 (an Americans for Tax Fairness message) with two endings talking about restoring a fairer tax code, one saying we should invest in infrastructure and other needs for our families and communities, and one that ends:

"Instead, the rich and big corporations should pay their share of taxes and we should invest in expanded tax credits for working families–real economic relief for working and middle-class Americans who can’t keep up with the rising cost of living and housing."

The message on tax credits for working and middle-class people boosts support by 16 points: +9 among Independents, +15 among Democrats,  and +24 among Republicans.

This polling data is here.