The rising cost of living and housing means too many families live on the financial brink: 57% of Americans don’t have enough cash on hand to cover a $500 unforeseen expense.

A Cost-of-Living Refund (also called a Working Families Tax Credit) puts more money back in the pockets of the working and middle-class people who need it most. Couples earning up to $90,000 receive as much as $8000 a year, and single workers receive half that amount if they earn less than $50,000. Recipients can also receive their credit monthly.

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What it is

A Cost-of-Living Refund is a bold modernization of the federal and state Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC). It puts cash into working people's pockets and gives them the tools to solve their own problems. 

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What it does

  • Provides a tax credit of up to $8000 per year, or $666 per month.

  • Benefits families earning up to $90,000 depending on family type.

  • Includes family caregivers and students.

  • Expands eligibility to younger workers age 18+ and older workers age 65+.

  • Raises taxes on the very wealthy to pay for this benefit.

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  • Reaches low-income AND middle-class families—up to half of U.S. households.

  • Helps people of color in particular, as they tend to face higher rates of poverty.

  • Fights rising inequality.

  • Complements a $15 minimum wage.

  • Provides financial stability to the 40% of workers now in the gig economy, part-time jobs, or other contingent work.


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The #CostofLivingRefund will help working people out of poverty, give them a cushion of financial stability and help them face the rising cost of living.

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The #CostofLivingRefund can provide peace of mind for hard-working Americans.

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Caregivers play an essential role in our communities, but their work often goes unrecognized and unrewarded. It is time to change that. #CostofLivingRefund

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If we want to invest in the future, we need tax cuts for students, not billionaires. #CostofLivingRefund

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